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Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 2

The CFSC Level 2 Certification is another 2-Day certification that also includes hours worth of pre-course instruction materials. Level 2 requires a more advanced understanding of exercise physiology and is a more physically demanding course as it is designed to educate about the MBSC Athletic Development program.
Michael Boyle with his head coach/therapist Kevin Carr and staff have coached thousands of professional athletes and youth talents of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and Premier League while at MBSC.
The MBSC system has not only improved athletic performance but has dramatically decreased the incidence of injuries in the athletes that have used it.
The CFSC Level 2 course teaches how to design an Athletic development program based on your athlete’s specific goals and how to effectively progress and regress your program to be an adaptable coach.

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Referenten Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 2


  •     Start with why: The MBSC programming thought process
  •     Athlete program design (Kevin Carr)
  •     Adult population program design (Kevin Carr)
  •     Building an adaptable training model: Part II
  •     Level 2 training manual
  •     Online prerequisite exam


  •     Designing an athletic program 101
  •     Breathing  and advanced mobility drills
  •     Linear and multi-directional speed development
  •     Athletic power and plyometric progressionsMedicine ball drills
  •     Olympic lifting and kettlebell progressions
  •     Athletic strength development
  •     Energy system conditioning programs
  •     Hands on practical coaching exam

Was bekomme ich?

  • Manual
  • Online learning material
  • Certificate after passing a theroretical exam (beforehand) und practical exam (at the venue)


  • 2 Tage


  • Early Bird:
    559,00 EUR

    (buchbar bis 6 Wochen vor der Veranstaltung)
  • Regulärer Preis: 599,00 EUR


Personal trainers, sport scientists, athletic trainers, fitness trainers, athletes

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Kurstermin Kursort Preis Einzelanmeldung
03.11.2018 - 04.11.2018 München (FT-Club München) 559,00 EUR
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